Preferred Supplier and Competitor Survey (PSS)

The Preferred Supplier Survey (PSS) was pioneered by Industry Insight in 2006, to monitor the involvement or exposure of material suppliers based on the type and value of construction projects they supply. Organisations are able to monitor market exposures and changes to market exposures for different material suppliers, based on the rand value of the contract to which they are supplying on a national or provincial level.  More than 3000 suppliers are currently listed on the database.

The Preferred Supplier Survey (PSS) is regarded as one of Industry Insights’ flag ship products, and provides a 360 degree view of the market in which you, as a supplier, are operating in.  Our expert researchers conduct extensive monthly surveys with active contractors to verify not only from which supplier they purchase, but why.  Surveys are conducted with  an objective and unbiased approached, and will give the supplier the ability to measure their exposure in the market relative to their competitors.

Results from the monthly surveys, are available on an interactive, on-line dashboard, to monitor your company’s involvement on project sites.

What is a Market Exposure Rate?

The MER measures the exposure of suppliers to construction, based on the estimated value of the project to which they supply. It is not a market share, and is not based on volume of product supplied.  It is used as a universal measurement to monitor exposure across a wide range of products.

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