Customised Dashboard

Construction industry data analysis and understanding the dynamic and diverse construction market in which your organisation operates is made more accessible through our mapping and customised dashboard services. You will be able to monitor those trends that relate to your business at a national, provincial or municipal level. Projects are geocoded on a monthly basis, giving you real-time access to current trends in the industry. To identify new business opportunities ahead of the market and to make highly informed decisions quickly, business leaders need to be able to access, evaluate and interpret data in real-time. Strategic dashboards and mapping add a new element to strategic planning by drastically saving you time and facilitating your ability to understand trend.

For this reason, an increasing number of organisations are realising the benefits of targeted industry analysis. Organisations need to improve their understanding of developments at a more micro level as national indicators are by no means a blue print for what is happening at a provincial level. Understanding provincial trends is therefore of great strategic importance to not only improve but also to maximise business performance.  Through the use of strategic tools such as customised economic and industry related dashboards and mapping, organisations can monitor trends effortlessly and effectively. There is no longer the need to read through endless reports or to decipher economic jargon.

Our data visualisation platforms are customised specifically for the client’s needs, no more sifting through irrelevant information that does not directly pertain to your business. Scientific studies show that a large majority of individuals learn more effectively through the use of images rather than having to read a 1000 word document, not only is it a more effective way of understanding trends as well as the environment, it also saves  time.