Project Database



The Industry Insight Project Database is a national and provincial time-series database of private and public construction projects out to tender, awarded or postponed. It provides important underlying information about construction projects, such as the value and number of projects, client type, project type, province and town,  which are not available from other official building statistics providers. The strength in the project database lies within its functionality to view and extract detailed micro analysis of construction trends. The database has a 15 year history, including over 200 000 projects valued at over R500 billion.

The project database is regarded as the most reliable, real-time measurement of current construction activity.

Users now have the added advantage to extract relevant project information according to their own requirements, which is displayed on an on-line dashboard.  Clients have the ability save their customised dashboards, including multiple graphs, which will automatically be updated once new information is loaded.  Data is available to downloaded in an excel format.

Investment Map subscribers will have access to enable customised provincial activity dashboards.