Preferred Supplier and Competitor Survey Results May 2024

The Preferred Supplier & Competitor Survey (PSS), a monthly survey pioneered by Industry Insight, is conducted among contractors to determine material suppliers and brands involved in building and civil projects across the country. 

Most of the projects surveyed during May 2024 were in the road and water sectors, followed by the education sector. Notably, water sector projects often include upgrades to sanitation facilities, which are relevant to educational institutions. Many projects remain suspended due to non-payment by clients such as DOE, PWD, and DBSA, with some projects pending since March. This month, responses were brief, so the focus was on data collection. In cases where respondents were more talkative, additional information on confidence levels and material contribution percentages was obtained.

Contractors, particularly those in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the Northwest, were generally reluctant to engage, with many calls unanswered or engaged. Political instability and volatility were significant concerns, particularly regarding confidence levels. This year, there has been a noticeable lack of project awards prior to the election, leading to a wait for promised infrastructure funding…. Click here to download the May 2024 Report