Forecast Report

The Forecast Report is a comprehensive, yet concise, overview of the past, current and future trends in the construction industry. It includes an overview of the performance of key performance indicators for the four main segments in the construction industry, namely housing, low income housing, non-residential buildings and civil works. The report includes a rolling three year forecast of expected key economic indicators, as well as investment in construction, updated and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Our unique qualitative as well as quantitative data, combined with our expertise in the construction environment provides the user with the best possible, reliable and objective opinion on the outlook for the industry.

Forecast Report August 7, 2019
Forecast Report April 11, 2019
Forecast Report October 10, 2018
Forecast Report June 11, 2018
Forecast Report March 1, 2018
Forecast Report November 3, 2017
Forecast Report July 14, 2017