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The construction monitor is our monthly newsletter for the busy construction executive, who simply does not have the time to sift through pages of reports and analysis. The construction monitor is a concise summary of the latest developments in the economy and the construction sector, as well as a wide array of indicators pertinent to the current and projected outlook for the industry.

You will also find a short monthly dashboard on the building plans data in the downloads, as well as a ‘construction pulse’ where we provide our clients with a short summary of any important data releases.

Construction Monitor September 13, 2022
Construction Monitor August 10, 2022
Construction Monitor July 5, 2022
Construction Monitor June 8, 2022
Construction Monitor May 17, 2022
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The Budget Report is a comprehensive review of the National budget shortly after its release in February / March. It extracts those announcements relevant to the South African construction industry and highlights potential spending patterns of government departments that will have an impact on the construction industry.Government funds approximately 75% of all civil construction projects in South Africa, highlighting the importance of understanding the impact of the budget on the South African construction industry.

The budget review is a more in depth report which focuses on and analyses the overall macroeconomic implications of the budget, as well as taking an in depth look at each sub-sector of infrastructure spending. This includes an analysis on infrastructure spending for economic infrastructure, including transport, water and sanitation and energy. As well as social infrastructure, including health, basic and higher education, human settlements, correctional services and defence.

The Forecast Report is a comprehensive, yet concise, overview of the past, current and future trends in the construction industry. It includes an overview of the performance of key performance indicators for the four main segments in the construction industry, namely housing, low income housing, non-residential buildings and civil works. The report includes a rolling three year forecast of expected key economic indicators, as well as investment in construction, updated and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Our unique qualitative as well as quantitative data, combined with our expertise in the construction environment provides the user with the best possible, reliable and objective opinion on the outlook for the industry.

Forecast Report June 27, 2023
Forecast Report June 9, 2023
Forecast Report, Statistics November 2, 2022
Forecast Report April 13, 2022
Forecast Report April 13, 2022
Forecast Report October 6, 2021
Forecast Report October 6, 2021
Forecast Report September 4, 2020
Forecast Report April 23, 2020
Forecast Report March 17, 2020

The output building cost report is a quarterly review of price trends in the construction industry including analysis of input and output building cost indices. Input costs refer to the cost to contractor, excluding profit and market risks, while output building costs refers to the cost to client based on an analysis of tender prices. The review includes commentary on construction materials and average building rates per square meter for housing and other buildings based on the size and value of contracts that have been awarded.

Output Building Cost Report June 4, 2024
Output Building Cost Report June 4, 2024
Output Building Cost Report October 30, 2023
Output Building Cost Report October 30, 2023
Output Building Cost Report July 11, 2023
Output Building Cost Report July 5, 2023
Output Building Cost Report July 5, 2023
Output Building Cost Report July 5, 2023
Output Building Cost Report July 5, 2023
Output Building Cost Report May 24, 2023

A wide range of statistics, pertinent to the South African construction industry is regularly updated and available on the website to subscribers. Data is provided from a range of sources, including Stats SA, South African Reserve Bank, Treasury, Financial Institutions, and includes our own unique industry indicators.  A few of the indicators are listed below.

  • Economic Statistics
    • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
    • Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF), by type of asset
    • Inflation
    • Mining and Manufacturing Production
  • Construction
    • Tender indices
    • Award indices
    • Postponements
    • Building Statistics
    • Construction Financial Statistics
    • Confidence Indices
    • Retail sales and Wholesale trade sales of construction materials
    • Public Sector Infrastructure Budgets and Actual expenditure (National, Provincial and Local)
    • Domestic Cementitious Demand and Cement imports
  • Pricing
    • Contract Price Adjustment Provision
    • Construction Materials
Statistics March 30, 2022
Statistics March 23, 2022
Statistics March 23, 2022
Statistics May 19, 2022
Infrastructure Budget Reviews, Statistics March 16, 2022
Statistics September 5, 2019